Rivers of Blackgate is coming to both Mac & PC!

This new  third person MOBA/ Ship battle hybrid combines many tried and tested methods of gaming and wraps them up into something completely new and unique.

As you board one of 3 ships your fleet must push down enemy Outposts and fight their way to the Triton and secure victory. If you’re used to playing a MOBA game then there will be many familiar concepts, such as minions, however in this game they move much faster than in games such as League of Legends. They also do a lot of damage and can wreck your ship if you forget about them for too long.

Another familiar aspect is the idea of ganks. Its one ships job to roam the canals that intersect the main 2 rivers, gathering treasure and slaying monsters is their main objective, but considering the short distance between rivers, expect to get ganked much more regularly than you would in other MOBA games.

Respawning is also quite interesting. You have the option to respawn directly onto your ship, or back in your base if it’s under attack, or if you want to slay a few nearby jungle monsters. If you wish to get back to your ship from base simply enter the river and you will hop aboard a row boat that moves surprisingly swiftly.

There’s plenty to do no matter what role you pick. Although Engineer is a support class, it’s arguable they are more important than the gunners, as a standard ship consists of a captain, 2 engineers and a gunner.

The Engineers job involves patching up the hull, repairing the sails, using their flintlock pistol to shoot any Grahk that are about to board, making sure that the cannons are loaded and ready to go, and if the ships gunner should happen to die or if they’re doing exceptionally well then they can take control of a cannon for a while.

There have been rumors that the game may be coming to console sometime during the fall of 2018, if the PC release goes as well as the company believes it will.

And although we thoroughly enjoyed our first look at Rivers of Blackgate, we do feel that naval battles might work a little better on a console, as ship navigation in tight areas such as canals and caves would be much smoother.

The game mechanics themselves are exceptional, but the occasional troll or flamer can really sink an entire team. Then again, this is true for League of Legends too and look how successful that is.

The levelling up system also takes a while, and if you want to get the best experience with every perk available to you then you’ve got a lot of grinding ahead, although perhaps soon you will be able to buy accounts for it.

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