Rivers of Blackgate: The Future of Online Multiplayer Gaming

One of the many differences that sets this game apart from other Multiplayer games is its easy to use voice communication system.

By typing in a few letters you can inform your crew that there is an enemy ship approaching on the port side, and doing so will have your character call it out, which means it’s much more likely to be taken into account by others than it would if you had typed it.

Although the system works well, a few voice commands are missing and the game would certainly benefit from having a few more added on. Unlike a game like League of Legends, Rivers of Blackgate is extremely hectic, with battles constantly occurring all over the map. Pausing to type out your strategy might mean your ship gets blasted to bits, and it’s our belief that the game would benefit greatly from an in game voice chat, although the current system is certainly innovative.

While the game is set to be released on PC and Mac, there have been whispers of it being released on both PS4 and Xbox sometime during 2018. In our opinion though Rivers of Blackgate would do exceptionally well on VR. It might be a challenge to pull off, but having cannonballs flying at your face as you struggle to keep your ship from collapsing would certainly be a fun experience, and as VR is the future of gaming, it certainly makes sense to have such an innovative title as Rivers of Blackgate become available on it.

What’s truly exceptional about it is the way it combines the Ship Battle genre and the MOBA genre so seamlessly. Many games have attempted to mash other games with MOBA’s and failed, but thanks to the obvious time that has gone into creating this game, it really stands out from the crowd.

Something that the player base currently seems divided on is the way that almost everything needs to be managed aboard the ship. If you want to shoot a cannon then you have to head into the cabin, grab the cannonballs and gun powder, then load them yourself. This is why the life of the Engineer is so difficult, as they are constantly trying to strike a balance between keeping the ship in good repair, loading the cannons and shooting the Grahks (Minions) that attempt to crawl aboard the ship.

And although it’s understandable how some players might be annoyed by this, it adds an element of gritty realism to the game that most online titles just do not possess. Plus, going back to mixing genre’s for a moment, it also has elements of a First Person Shooter.

Being able to take your blunderbuss of Flintlock pistol and take out an enemy ships captain just as you prepare to board can really ruin things for them. It’s our firm belief that mixing genre’s is definitely the best way to help gaming evolve, and Rivers of Blackgate do a magnificent job of it.

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