The key features of Rivers of Blackgate

The main difference between Rivers of Blackgate and a MOBA like League of Legends is the fact that almost all combat happens aboard a ship.

While it has many similarities it also has some stark differences. For example, the Fog of War is an actual fog that rolls in at random intervals and makes it difficult to see more than a few feet in front of the ship. Of course there are ways to counter act this, such as using the Engineer ability “Hawk eyes” which gives the player a spyglass that can penetrate the mists and reveal the outline of enemy ships and rocks, of course they do sacrifice other abilities such as the able to sew the sails up at a faster rate for this.

You can also track a ship through the fog by setting them ablaze using an incendiary cannon. Be warned though that chasing a flaming vessel at high speeds through rocky outcrops won’t do much good for your hull.

Another notable feature is the minions. Minions in this game are undead sailors called Grahks. They have webbed feet and milky eyes due too spending too much time in the mists, this has also caused them to transform into ravenous beasts.

They’re much easier to kill than the minions of other MOBA’s and grant very little gold. That being said, a single wave of Grahks can tear apart the enemy wave within seconds, and without an Engineer keeping their numbers in check with his flintlock pistol they will quickly begin to make their way aboard and then your crew will have a severe issue.

The main feature we will be discussing is the way the ‘Jungler’ role works. Blackgate consists of two wide rivers connected by several canals that weave through the landscape. These canals are just about wide enough for 2 ships to pass through, and if both teams’ Roamers should end up in a single canal it will lead to a devastating broadside battle to their inability to maneuver.

The average abilites ran by a Roamer ship usually consist of “Full sails” to ensure they can quickly close the distance on their gank targets, “Entangle” by the gunners, so they can fire chain shots to cripple enemy sails, and “Ramming speed” by the engineer, to ensure their ship suffers little damage as they spear the enemy ship.

Ganking isn’t the only job the crew on the Roamer ship has though. A few of the members also have to enter the jungle in search for treasure and undead monsters that will give them powerful buffs. It’s important to remember that it is possible to take a cannon to the head and die during a ship battle, but your only punishment will be a 10 second respawn timer. The enemy team only gains gold when they sink one of your ships, and likewise you will lose some of your gold, so do whatever you can to make sure you stay afloat!

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