What makes Rivers of Blackgate unique amongst online games?

The obvious element that makes this game unique is the fact that it’s a hybrid between the ship battle genre, and MOBA’s such as League of Legends (but unlike these games you won’t be able to buy league of legends account for an unfair advantage!)

The majority of combat occurs aboard 1 of 3 ships or in the churning rivers themselves. Player deaths really do not matter that much as you will often find your head being removed by a stray cannonball, or a shot from an enemy musket, or from some hungry Grahks that have clambered aboard.

Grahks behave much like Minions in other MOBA’s, however they maintain their power levels throughout the entire game.

The main objective is to destroy enemy ships, and although killing their crewmates will certainly help with this, it’s not the only thing you need to be worried about. Keeping Grahks at bay is essential, as is sending a few members of your Roamer ship into the jungle to clear out the monsters and find the treasure buried there.

There is almost always action going on, and the game never stalls to a farm fest like other MOBA’s, that being said the constant running back and forth just to ensure you stay afloat can be a little overwhelming to certain players, and nothing sinks a ship faster than a flamer, both literally and figuratively. If you want to avoid drowning keep team morale high and stay away from ships when they have incendiary cannonballs activated.

Something else that makes the game unique is the fact that once you step foot into the jungle, combat changes. Your flintlock pistol has an awfully long reload time, so most battles come down to timing your swings and parrying at the right time to get a drop on the undead, Grahk, Enemy crewmember, and whatever else might be attacking you.

Once you down an enemy Shipyard – which is basically the equivalent of an Inhibitor in League of Legends – You ransack some of their loot, which means not only does your entire fleet gain bonuses, but the enemy team also loses some of their firepower!

Again, once you progress past the shipyards you sail into the enemy port, where the Marble Triton is located. You must progress on foot from here, and once you’re within range the creature breaks out of its stone tomb and will try to murder your fleet. At least 8 people are needed to down the Triton, and if you’re not careful then you might be overrun by enemies, resulting in them wiping you out and taking a few of your Shipyards for themselves, turning the tide of battle.

With many skill slots to unlock grinding out levels can be difficult. It would be much easier if you could simply buy an account as you can with games such as League of Legends.

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